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Associated partner: MOL LJUBLJANA

The SURFACE project involves project partners and associated partners in various small and medium-sized cities in Europe, with different starting positions, because it wants to contribute to the development of local environmental management strategies and plans based on the prevention and reuse of waste. The REUSE CENTER (CPU) is a partner in the SURFACE project in Slovenia and with different various activities raise to and promote the importance of re-use, resource-efficient use and the impact on the development of socially responsible entrepreneurship.

On 7 March 2018, a broadcast TURBULENCA: “DO NOT PURCHASE, REPAIR!” was published on national TV SLO 1.

Every day we create more waste, but everything is not necessary for waste. Old furniture, broken home appliances, things we no longer need - many can be reused or transformed into a new product with some skill and imagination.

In the TURBULENCA broadcast, they talked with experts about why and how to reuse old items. Among them were dr. MARINKA VOVK, director of the social enterprise REUSE CENTER and mag. BARBARA PRINČIČ, designer and professor at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design. The broadcast presented masters tips on how to help with the renovation of the old grandmother's wheel, when it makes sense to patch your favorite shoes and how to restore the old book.

They also attended a monthly event at the Repair Cafe at the Reuse Center in Ljubljana, where everyone who wants to extend life, an old things are welcome. The tools, materials and tips of the masters are free, but it is only necessary to previous sign up for the workshop. They also visited the premises of the Moste Market in Ljubljana, where is located Preoblikovalnica –this is a space, where all those who want to repair an old things, are welcome, to create a new one. At the end of the broadcast, BORN KIRN, leader of the campaign “DO NOT PURCHASE, REPAIR”, joined in the studio, who presented the idea for the creation of the project.

With the presentation of concrete activities on national TV SLO 1, which they are implement at the CPU Ljubljana in the framework of Repair cafe and the framework of the SURFACE project we made an important step in the area of waste reduction an reuse.

You can view the TV show completely on the link: