Functional urban area of the reuse Park (FUA Ljubljana)








A map of repair shops, repair masters; On this map you can find providers who repair, process or renew your favorite items, and locations where you can borrow or purchase used items.



Here you can find important government stakeholders, such as ministries.



Here you can find important government stakeholders, such as public educational institutions and the Chamber of Commerce



Here you can find shops without packaging, where you can buy certain products without packaging - you bring your own or it is repayable. Milk map is not included.



On the map of you can see a new and modern waste management center for waste resources



An inclusive society and a sustainable future where a community of businesses, organizations and individuals is being built and where an inclusive society is created by creating jobs for all and the possibility of socializing and building a consciousness of a sustainable society.


CPU is a non-profit social enterprise. Specific re-use activities are diagnostic, preparation for reuse, repair, upcycling product, conducting training workshops for schools,training for vulnerable group

The FUA map shows the stakeholders who significantly shape the area of the reuse of the park, where a comprehensive approach to preventing the production of waste, reuse, the possibility of repairing various products, a lot of shops without packaging and educational opportunities for lifestyle changes that lead to social responsibility. Ministries and politics, education, the economy, crafts and civil society play an important role. Therefore, the Surface project makes a significant contribution to the construction of a socially responsible community, which offers a sustainable lifestyle in the FUA Ljubljana.

At FUA Ljubljana, we registered stakeholders who make a significant contribution to the establishment of the SRP. Their contribution is to provide sevices and products without packaging, education, product exchange, eco-services, sustainable mobility, new waste paradigm, product exchange platforms, assembly centers with mandatory re-use, reuse center and Repair Cafe. Ljubljana is a green city, bound to zero waste, which is also an important orientation for FUA Ljubljana.The stakeholders contribute to understanding the concept of resource circulation, waste prevention, re-use, resource-saving resources, education and development of a sustainable community and social entrepreneurship. FUA Ljubljana is the proud holder of the title European Green Capital 2016. In the opinion of the European Commission Ljubljana has made the highest number of changes with regard to quality of life in the shortest time. Foreign and domestic general public especially stresses the change of traffic regime in the city centre as the biggest shift – motor vehicles were removed from the centre. They have not only transformed one street, but an area of more than 100 hectares, which used to be full of cars and today, it is a large living room for people. An important step forward was a comprehensive transformation of the centre – in order to shorten the distances for pedestrians, new bridges were built, as well as the old ones were renovated. Electric Kavalir vehicles, free of charge for the users, and a bicycle sharing system Bicikelj, which will be further expanded in the future, were introduced. Another wide area of changes was a transformation of degraded areas into new parks, green and recreational areas, which now offer great opportunities for quality free time spending. To name a few: Severni park and Šmartinski park near Žale, which used to be an abandoned part of the city and illegal waste dump, and today, it is a popular recreational-educational centre. There were more than 80 hectares of similar transformations in the past years. FUA has also a modern waste management center, reuse center, repair shops and shops without packaging.


Examples of a circular economy in the City of Ljubljana